Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Of Course He Did

Jimmie Carter resigned from the Southern Baptist Convention this year, a religious body of which he has been a member for all of his adult life; on the order of seven decades.

Why did he do that? Because the organization passed a resolution declaring that women are inferior to men and cannot hold a leadership role in the church. That means women cannot be a pastor or chaplain in a military or a deacon in a church. Jimmie Carter and his wife could not hold that position and left their life-long church.

The man is a giant. He is the standard to which members of the Democratic Party should be held.

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  1. bruce8:15 AM

    He was honest in his opinion, even if they were unpopular. And often said them, even if they were politically incorrect or inconvenient. His legacy grew a lot after his term ended, as if the presidency was a training arena for all the other things he did.