Sunday, January 24, 2016

No, it is NOT Brady vs. Manning

At no time will Tom Brady ever "face off against"  Payton Manning on the football field today. Football doesn't work that way. It is Payton Manning vs. the New England defense and Tom Brady vs. the Denver defense.

Okay, actually it's the New England offense vs. the Denver defense, and the Denver offense vs. the New England defense. Whatever.

Payton Manning is a dead quarterback who doesn't know he died of old age two years ago. Only a few people, me being one of them, are able to admit that the man is at least two years past his prime. Still, a dead Payton Manning is better than at least thirteen other NFL starting quarterbacks who are still alive, so...  Not to mention that if you can get to Tom Brady with your front four you can beat him. If you have to blitz him, Tom Brady will kill you because the blitz will have left the secondary weakened, but Denver can get to him with their front four.

Denver by a score of 24-17.

I want Cam Newton the Panthers to beat Arizona, but the game is close and hard to call. I would like Cam Newton to score about ten touchdowns, because I love the looks on the faces of the little kids he gives the footballs to.

I'll go with the Panthers, 38-31.

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  1. It was Broncos over Patriots 20-18, so you're not too far off. And yeah, Peyton Manning is past his prime, and yes it was the defense that controlled the game. Poor Tom Brady (well, not really), he's got a lot of trophies, and he'll be back.

    The Panthers won 49-15, which means your Arizona score was waayyy off. I expected a Panthers win, but that was embarassing, akin to the superbowl a couple years ago. BTW, I hope THAT doesn't happen again. Although I think the Panthers have the edge. You can see more happy kids on the sidelines again pretty soon. I like that he does that too.