Monday, May 11, 2015

Hyperbole Diminishes

After Danica Patrick was running 18th at Bristol and had ten cars running ahead of her crash, giving her a 9th place finish, the Danica fans went wild. She had turned the corner, they claimed, and would win one of her next few races, having finally proved that she can run with the best of the best in NASCAR racing. They were giddy with her success, and were breathlessly awaiting Talledega, where everyone either finishes on the lead lap or does not finish at all.

But first, she had to race at Richmond, where she finished 25th, two laps down to the leader. Then she did indeed finish on the lead lap at Tallegega, along with 32 other cars who did not wreck, but she finished in 21st place. This past weekend she finished in 27th place at Kansas, once again two laps down to the leader.

So, since her fans predicted her impending win and eligibility for the "championship chase," she has an average finish of slightly worse than 24th, and has driven four fewer laps than the leaders in three races, which is somewhat less than awesome.

Johanna Long, on the other hand, who actually is a race car driver, has driven in two races and finished in the top ten and on the lead lap in both of them, driving equipment with nothing on it but her car number, meaning that she has no sponsorship money. One has to wonder what she could do in the #10 GoDaddy car. Well, I don't have to wonder, I'm pretty sure I know.

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