Friday, November 14, 2014

Redefining Democracy

The Obama loyalist branch of the Democratic Party is in despair and all but ready to raise the flag inverted because the Republicans won last week. I'm not sure what they think democracy is. Somehow they only think democracy is working if their side wins.

If only one side is allowed to win, how do you even pretend that you have a democracy? These people do not really want a democracy. They want their views to prevail without other views being given an opportunity, because any views other than their own are "evil, crazy" or "stupid" and are unworthy of being given a fair hearing. The word for "I want democracy, but only when my side wins," is "hypocrisy."

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  1. bruce8:55 AM

    that works for both sides... plus any 3rd party or group as well. And also can be applied to social gatherings, schools, businesses (maybe) and so on. The "My view is the best and yours is/are irrelevant" mentality is so stupid.