Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Oh, Snap

Read in the comments at Balloon Juice:

Re: “I guess I was delusional. I truly thought after the election that McCain might want to try to slip into the role of an elder statesman of the opposition party.”—- He is being the elder statesman. But these days the GOP is like a psych ward, and the elder statesman is just
the guy who’s been hospitalized the longest.

Blogging will be on the light side for a week or so; too many doctor appointments, and they tire me out. This too will pass.

I wiil just add that when someone is insisting that you sign on to something in a big hurry, not willing to give you time to consider it at leisure, they are usually trying to sell you a con-job; like "health care reform" that raises the cost of what we already pay for at twice the rate of any other nation.

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