Thursday, September 04, 2008

Low information voter

This is what we are up against, this perception of Sarah Palin,
She also waves around the 2nd admendment and, certainly, guns are an important, powerful, unconcious symbol of self determination and self protection.

Certainly, pro-life, pro-gun folks will never achieve such a society but their motivations, I think, come from the right place.

What makes Palin mainstream and contemporary, in my mind, is that she uses her mind to secure the good life and, in this era of globalization, that psychology connects: we're in it together as long as I can perform!

Obama's narrative struggles since, in this post 9/11 chaotic world, it almost ludacris to envision a world organized around peace and social justice.

"Ludacris" indeed, to imagine such a world. Who would want to live in a world that was "organized around peace and social justice."

Good God Almighty, we are so screwed.

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  1. Anonymous12:05 AM

    "Ludacris" is the rap singer.
    you might have meant "ludicrous"

    or not...