Thursday, November 01, 2007

California Kid (updated)

Oops, my bad.

My grandniece is turning seven six, and there is a family gathering next weekend to celebrate this momentous event. (Hopefully the air will have improved by then, as it is still not very breathable for those of us with emphysema.) (Note, it has.)

I’m looking forward to it, as Makena and her little sister, Malia, are quite a pair. They are phenomenons in quantum mechanics; something like photons, which if they ever fall below a certain velocity cease to exist. It takes two people to report Malia’s movement, one to say “Here she comes,” and another to say “There she goes.” I laugh a lot when I’m around them.

Makena was given the choice of venue this year. Asked what’s her very favorite restaurant, one might guess McDonalds or Chucky Cheese, right? No indeedy, she chose Rubio’s. For those who don’t know, that is a chain founded by a local entrepreneur which is famous for fish tacos. No, it has no playground. She just loves Rubio’s. People who move away from San Diego bemoan the loss of Rubio’s, so I can understand, but at age seven six…

So next weekend I’m going to Rubio’s for fish tacos and a seven six-year-old’s birthday party with three generations of family.

Eat your heart out.

I got a very nice email from Makena's Mom, not correcting my error but simply confirming the date and place for her 6th birthday party. There were no underlines or italics, either. I also noticed that she spelled my grandneice's name with but one 'n' in it. Crap. Sometimes when I look like
a fool it's because I am one.


  1. Kids, they never cease to surprise you. Your great-nephew wanted refills of blue cheese on his crackers when he was 11 months old. Blue cheese and such a small person, who would have ever guessed?

  2. RUBIOS? Gaaaah!!! When I used to work in the financial district in San Francisco, I would ride the subway to Rubio's for lunch. I would sell my left nut for a fish taco to magically appear here in New Zealand. Maybe they're open on Christmas day?436464

  3. Anonymous12:03 PM

    I always thought a fish (or shrimp or lobster) taco was oxymoronic, but then I've never tried one. Perhaps I should to speak more authoratively [sp] on the subject. But the subject was really about the wonders of children, of which I have my own stories. Bless 'em !!

  4. Anonymous3:25 AM

    Your big sister is so appalled at the very notion of fish tacos that she won't go to places that serve them. Next time she visits, you need to educate her about how delectable they are.
    As to kids, there is a reason that I worked as a teacher's aide for so many years. And it wasn't because it paid well! (I had to have a second job just to eat as well as pay the bills.)

  5. Then there was the nephew (anon above) who liked chip dip with anchovies in it. Also "more onnon (onions) please" at about 1 - 2 yrs.

  6. Then there was the nephew (anon above) who liked chip dip with anchovies in it. Also "more onnon (onions) please" at about 1 - 2 yrs.