Friday, March 02, 2007

Catching up

I've been out of town for a few days, so a few thoughts to get caught up.

Change at Walter Reed

The Army has fired the current commanding general at Walter Reed because of the poor conditions revealed by a Washington Post reporter. His replacement is General Kiley, his predecessor. Weightman has been there for about six months, but the conditions predate that by quite a bit.

What am I missing here? They fire Weightman for not correcting the conditions, but replace him with the commander who allowed the conditions to develop in the first place. Exactly how does that make any sense?

The campaign trail

The presidential campaign is way ahead of itself, but insofar as it is off and running the discussion is almost entirely about the war in Iraq and about “national security” issues.

More importantly, what about habeas corpus? A national policy of torture? What about indefinite detention? What about improper use of power? What about the issue of how these things affect our national character and our image in the world?

How about real domestic issues like health care and widening gap between this country's rich and poor?

How about asking the candidates if they plan to actually lead this country or act as terrorist-in-chief and just continue the fearmongering?

So much for real change

The people of this country voted for change last November. I suggested leading up to the election to hope for change but not to hold your breath waiting for it to happen even if the Democrats did win. I was more right than even I knew.

Congress has demonstrated that it has become permanently, incorrigibly useless. It wasn’t about the Republican party, it is Congress itself. The only business Congress is interested in is its own members’ reelection.

There is a “King of America” elected every four years to live in the White House, because Congress has absolutely abdicated its responsibility. Not the “stinking Republicans,” Congress.

Oversight my ass. Investigations my ass. They ask questions and don’t even listen to the answers because they are too busy planning their reelection campaigns. The time for “getting organized” is long past. They are just a waste of time.

Congress is what the Vice Presidency used to be, “about as useful as a bucket of warm spit.”

“Intelligence” in the White House

Turns out that North Korea doesn’t have uranium enrichment after all.

So, let’s recap. Clinton negotiated a stop to their plutonium program, which Bush killed because of the threat posed by their uranium enrichment program. They then restart their plutonium program and make a dozen or so bombs, one of which they test, and we then negotiate a stop to their plutonium program. So we are back to where we were nee’ Bush, only they have a dozen plutonium bombs.

Now, it turns out, the uranium project that caused Bush to cancel the plutonium treaty was about as erroneous as the uranium deal in Iraq that lead him to invade that country.

That's faulty intelligence all right.

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