Saturday, January 27, 2007

Freedom everywhere...

…except America.

George Bush and his despicable mouthpieces are once again accusing us of being traitorous for disagreeing with his “Decision Maker” conclusions about what is right for this country, for the world.

Gates was going to be different, going to be the voice of reason and honesty in the Pentagon. That didn’t last long. He is now saying that anyone who voices disagreement with the George Bush policies is “emboldening the enemy.” He turns out to have no more leadership than any of the other sycophants who surround the president and tell him what he wants to hear, and no more honesty than any of the other political hacks who babble to us whatever slogans their boss has put into their mouths.

In what universe does the definition of democracy, spelled either with or without a capital letter, not include the freedom to express an opinion differing from that of the leader of the country?

Bush talks about “spreading democracy” throughout the middle eastern world, but he seeks to stifle freedom of speech here in this country. Speech, that is, that offers opposition to his tenuous grip on the imperial presidency.

And the nations that we support in that region are some of the least democratic nations in the world.

Empty words everywhere.

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