Wednesday, April 11, 2012

More Scapegoating

A friend suggested a topic for me to write on, which I will at some point, and she added that I should use her suggestion "if you ever get tired of bashing Obama." Not sure when that point will be reached, since he keeps giving me new material and/or recycling old material.

He has returned to his "tax the rich" meme with his latest campaign rhetoric of demanding that Congress pass the "Buffett rule," something that it will do about the same time that hell freezes over. It shows, for one thing, that he has divorced his campaign completely from governance, and that until after the election we have no President, we have a presidential candidate in the White House. There's nothing unusual about that, of course, it happens about every eight years. It does shoot down any last traces of the idea that this guy was going to be "different."

This is also another of his scapegoating tactics which has become a trademark of his, much as it was with FDR, although he is much more timid in his approach and squeaks about "fairness" rather than actually "taking them on." Fairness is usually an issue for six years olds, and most people have outgrown that complaint by the time they reach adulthood, but... I have noticed that alcoholics who stopped drinking last Wednesday complain that "It's not fair" a lot, but then they too have quite a bit in common with babies.

FDR said things like "I welcome their hatred," while Obama says that taxing them more would be "fair," that they actually want to be taxed more, and pleads with Congress to throw Brer Rabbit in the brier patch.

So, at the moment the tax rates, which he extended for two years, are "unfair" because they favor rich people. Two weeks ago the enemy was the oil companies who were charging high prices for gasoline merely because they could get away with it and wanted to continue to rake in their outrageous 7% profit margins. Well, he left out the 7% part, of course, and substituted the phrase "record profits." During the "health care reform" debate it was the evil and greedy health insurance companies, who he nonetheless insisted everyone should purchase insurance from.

And, of course it's the Republicans who cut taxes all the time, which is a disastrous policy leading to massive deficits in the federal budget. Until he says to the Associated Press, "I cut taxes for small businesses 17 times," so apparently it's only Republican tax cuts that lead to deficits.

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