Monday, April 09, 2012

Lazy Blogging

For some people I guess blogging is too much work; or at least the "original thought" part is. More and more I see blogs with posts that consist of huge chunks of quotations from other sources and one or two sentences which amount to little if any more than "I agree with this." There is a need to post multiple times daily to generate web traffic, but actually writing is hard work, so they take the "cut and paste" route to generate posts without having the actually think or spend time composing anything. I'm tempted to name names, but I'll refrain.

The other approach is to have multiple authors. One blog that I used to enjoy has added so many authors that the original author has diminished to merely putting an occasional picture of his pets, while a dozen or more people write multiple posts daily and compete with each other to see who can use the most inflammatory language. That blog does generate a huge amount of traffic, so the approach works, but to what end?

Me, I will just keep plodding along. The title reflects the purpose of my blog, so when there is something on my mind I will express it. Pasting huge chunks of other people's thoughts does not serve that purpose, nor would having other writers come here to generate traffic. I value having you visit, and welcome your comments, but I'm not here to boost my ego by running up a huge count of readers.

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Bartender Cabbie said...

I agree. I would like to have more readers though I admit. My brand of nonsense just must not be in vogue.

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