Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Feckless Reform

The San Diego Union Tribune is running a multi-part series on how the homeless are using the emergency rooms as a place for routine medical care, and are clogging up the system and interfering with the hospitals' ability to deliver emergency care. What it shows is how ineffective the basis of the "health care reform," with its focus of making health insurance available for everyone, really is. How many people think that the homeless population is going to sign up for health insurance, regardless of cost?


bruce said...

they are allegedly covered by... heck, I don;t know, maybe Medicaid (MediCal in California). I'm pretty sure that the Dems and Rubs don't know either, which goes to show this is a pretty sloppy piece of... legislation.

Jayhawk said...

No, because they have to sign up for that, and homeless people do not sign up for anything.

bruce said...

Therefore, they use the ER, which is required to treat them. And actually, some have MediCal, but the overuse of the ER and the uselessness of MediCal leads to a boatload of debt, ineffeciency [sic] and revolving door treatment. Yes, I read the article(s). Obamacare will not do anything at all for this.

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