Saturday, August 07, 2010

Nonsense On The Left

Ezra Klein is adored by pundits and media on the left, and cited regularly as a font of wisdomous analysis of policy and financial wonkery. I have long regarded his "analyses" as shallow at best, and yesterday’s column in the Washington Post reveals that my opinion may be overly generous.

He takes on Paul Krugman’s hit job of Paul Ryan, in which Krugman accuses Ryan of being a charlatan. I would disagree with Krugman only in saying that he is being more polite than Ryan deserves. Paul Ryan is a self serving lying politician of the worst sort. Ezra Klein maintains that Ryan is intelligent and that his policies are fundamentally tending in the right direction, and says that Ryan has merely made a few mistakes along the way. If Klein really believes any of that then he probably believes in the freaking tooth fairy, too.

I don’t always agree with Paul Krugman, because I think this Keynesian stuff is mostly nonsensical, but Ezra Klein is an idiot.

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