Monday, August 09, 2010

Nonsense At The Pentagon

My father served for 43 years in the armed forces of this nation, I served six years, and neither one of us ever had a very high opinion of the Pentagon. I was a bit concerned when he was buried at Arlington and I discovered that the Pentagon was visible from his resting place, but a bunch of trees have grown up since then, so it’s all okay now.

But they have reached new heights, or perhaps sunk to new depths, of absurdity with their latest attempt at “security” by demanding that the Wikileaks papers, which have been published on the Internet after being stolen from the military, be returned to them.

Really. I guess next they will be trying to figure out how to “unexplode” their bombs so that they can reuse them. Think about that. If you unexplode a bomb which you have dropped in enemy territory, it’s still in enemy territory and you have just given the enemy a fucking bomb. Oh, gee, they didn’t think of that.

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