Monday, August 09, 2010

Electioneering Con Job

Democrats are fond of pointing out the fallacies of Republican claims about things like “death panels” and tax cuts that pay for themselves. I hold no brief for Republicans; have voted Democratic for many years and will probably continue to do so. That’s pretty easy when the choice is between Boxer and Fiorina. The choice between Brown and Whitman is a little more difficult, but not much.

But the reality is that the biggest con job of all is being perpetrated by the Democrats with their election game plan of trying to instill fear of returning Congress to Republican control, reminding us of “the mess that they left us with when Obama took office.”

When Obama took office, Democrats had been in control of both houses of Congress for two full years but it was, according to Democrats, Republicans who “left a mess when Obama took office.”

“But,” they say, “we couldn’t do anything because Bush was in the White House.” Okay, then how are Republicans in Congress going to mess anything up with Obama in the White House?

“But,” they say, “we had to pass that bad legislation because Bush told us to.” Okay, so why aren’t Republicans going to have to pass good legislation if Obama tells them to?

“But,” they say, “Bush would have vetoed anything good that we tried to do.” Okay, why won’t Obama simply veto anything bad that Republicans try?

Listen, Democrats, you can’t have it both ways. You controlled Congress for two full years and you did absolutely nothing in the way of creating regulation of oil drilling, and when the oil well blew up in the Gulf you blame Republicans for not regulating the oil industry. For two full years you did nothing in the way of regulating the financial industry, and when the economy collapsed you blame Republicans for not regulating finance.

Now, after failing yourselves at what you are, quite properly, blaming them for failing at you want to frighten us against voting for them because they might create the same kind of failure at things that you yourselves have failed at.

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