Friday, February 26, 2010

Talking Points

Do the Republicans have any idea at all of how idiotic they sound when Frank Luntz gives them phrases to use in their speeches and every one of them uses those same three or four phrases in the same meeting? The idea of "talking points" is that they will be used back home in front of different audiences, where each audience will hear each phrase from one person; one talking point, one audience, one speaker. When they all mindlessly parrot them in the same meeting, one talking point, one audience, a dozen or more speakers, they sound like total idiots.

"A clean sheet of paper, start over, step by step..."

And just to make themselves sound even dumber, most are reading from a sheet of paper, and half are stumbling over the rehearsed and written words. You had it prepared for you, you have it on a piece of paper in front of you, presumably you've had a chance to look at it before the meeting, and you can't even read the damned thing without tripping over your tongue.

Not that the Democrats dazzled us with any real brilliance. The only person in the room that ever made any real sense was the President, and he only made sense on rare occasions, but at least the Democrats babbled on in original, or at least different, phrases.

Maybe the Democrats just have more than one "Frank Luntz."

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