Friday, February 19, 2010

Olympic Update

America is to curling what Jamaica is to bobsledding. The men's team is now 0-4, having reached a winning shot four times in the last three games and missing all four times. The women's team is 0-3, missing a shot to tie in the last end against Denmark last night. Denmark's coach is Canadian, because nobody in Denmark knows how to curl.

Still, what sport can be more exciting than one in which the women who are competing scream, "Hard, hurry, harder, harder," or "More, more."

Update: John Shuster is a classy guy
After being benched with his team down 0-4, John is in the house cheering his team and participating with the coaches. Complete with smiles. The new line-up wins Team USA's first game in a real heartstopper. The women won too.

Update: John Shuster is a very classy guy
Back on the ice, still in charge but not throwing last rocks, John Shuster adopts the more democratic style that worked yesterday, is cheerful, throws very well as third rock, and men's team wins again in a cliffhanger. Women's team beats Great Britain, which the announcer keeps referring to as "Scotland," in another cliffhanger. Good stuff.

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bruce said...

You sir, are baaaaaaad...

BTW, the Canadian alternate in their ladies curling team is 5 mo pregnant. What other sport can say that? Come to think of it, that could tie in with... oh, never mind.

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