Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Sinister Plots Abound

I normally don't pay much attention to Michele Bachmann. Her district is in Minnesota which is a very long way from where I live, for one thing; and her mind is on Pluto, which is an even longer way from where I live, and is no longer even a planet. I have a lovely niece who lives in Minnesota, and I'm very fond of her, but she lives in Rochester, which is quite a long ways from Bachmann's district.

Ms. Bachmann is now presenting her fears, and she has lots of fears, that Obama is going to make us like the Japan that a "man told her about," where if you speak critically of the health care system you get "put on a list and denied care." She says that's not "the kind of country we want to be."
I actually agree with her on that but, unlike her, I'm not concerned that we might... Oh, never mind.

I bring this up, however, because there is a bigger and more sinister plot that even Ms. Bachmann is unaware of, and that I have become privy to. Remember that you read it first here; not even Politico has this one yet. This is big, and I am not at liberty to reveal my multiple sources, who have demanded anonymity because they don't want their names to be known.

Obama has a White House office that reads blogs and looks for those who criticise his administration. Any such persons are put on a list of people who he will stop protecting from terrorists.

I fear that I am on that list even as we speak, so if you hear a large "boom" in San Diego, you will know what happened. The government will probably claim it was an earthquake, but...

Update: Wednesday, 1:30pm
Well, yeah, I lost my head there. I forgot that President Obama is not actually protecting anybody from terrorists and that, in fact, he wants the terrorists to win. That had escaped my mind for a moment.

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bruce said...

Well, Mr Hugo Chavez El Jefe of Venezuela says the US has an earthquake weapon that was tested on Haiti, before being used on Iran. Maybe they will do additional testing on "revolutionary bloggers" in the US. Becasue it's exxperimental, maybe that gets around the "no armed forces in the domestic US" part of the Constitution....

Hey.. didn't you guys have an earthquake thereabouts recently? Case solved, proven, closed.

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