Saturday, February 20, 2010

California Comedy

What you do is spend millions building a speedway in California, spend millions putting on and promoting a stock car race, and about 26 people come to watch it. Which is understandable, in a way, because they aren't stock cars, and they don't actually race, and it isn't really a speedway; more of a circular freeway.

So you get a 5' 2" swimsuit model/Indy Car driver to drive one of the non-stock cars, and she finishes three laps off the pace. But that's okay because she enlarged the crowd to, maybe, 38 people watching the non-race of the non-stock cars on the non-speedway.

It's claimed that she started 36th and advanced her position to 29th. Actually some cars wrecked and others "advanced to the rear" past her. She was, after all, three laps behind the leaders.

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Mike said...

If you listened to the announcers, you'd have thought she had parted the Red Sea. When you're running 9-10 mph slower than the leaders, you're going to advance to the rear very rapidly. You have to wonder where she would've finished had it not been for the start and parks and the wrecked cars. A non-driver in a non-car at a non-speedway.

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