Monday, February 08, 2010

Super Bowl Blecch

It was nice for New Orleans (the city) to complete its rebirth by winning the Super Bowl, but it would have been nicer if they had beaten a good team. They did not; they beat the Colts. It's hard to imagine how the Colts won even one game this season, let alone however many they did. They took us back to the days of lopsided and boring Super Bowls. Gack.

Jim Nantz had some utterly absurd explanation how failing to score on fourth and goal near the end of the first half was to the Saints' advantage; something to do with "taking a full minute off the clock" (one play can do that?) and "preventing Peyton Manning from scoring." I actually think the Saints defense did the latter, not the offensive failure to score. It sounded to me like Nantz had his brain disengaged and was simply babbling.

Even the commercials were lame, so if you were watching the game for the commercials there was nothing for you there, either. Although the Google ad was was sort of cool. What was with all of the people in underwear? I have no moral objection, really, but damn! People, or at least the ones they used, are a hell of a lot more attractive with their clothes on.

Even the Budweiser Clydesdales were a bust. What was that about?

On a final note, this San Diegan does need to point out that Drew Brees is the quarterback the the Chargers were in such haste to get rid of, and is not the first signature player to leave the team and secure a Super Bowl ring elsewhere. Please make a note of that, Ladanian Tomlinson.

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