Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Role Reversal

I’m not sure I even understand the conversation any more. Democrats are now heroes for passing a tax cut, which used to be what Republicans did while Democrats railed against the folly of repeatedly cutting taxes. In fact, Obama is even now railing about how the Republicans ruined the economy by cutting taxes, while at the same time demanding that Republicans pass this Democratic tax cut.

Republicans, meanwhile, are being excoriated because they want to pass the exact same tax cut for a full year rather than merely for two months.

So a two-month tax cut is a good thing because we cannot let American working men and women “face a tax increase” on January 1st but a twelve-month tax cut tax cut is a bad thing because, apparently, we must have American working men and women “face a tax increase” on March 1st.

Somebody needs to explain to me why a "tax increase" on January 1st is a bad thing while a "tax increase" on March 1st is a good thing, because I’m not sure I’m following the logic on that.

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bruce said...

It's restoring the normal level from a while back, the reduction is expiring. technically an increase, because it is an increase from what is "now". I never agreed with the cut in the first place, I didn't notice much if any difference. If I was on the edge, maybe I would, but I think in the short term, it doesn't amount to much. And no one thinks long term anymore.

it's all political posturing, which happens even more in election years. It's all they seem to be doing, instead of actually doing anything meaningful.

Congress has turned back into kindergarten. Except we pay them for this foolishness and farcical nonsense.

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