Sunday, December 18, 2011

Chargers Preview

Nick Canepa and Tim Sullivan of the San Diego Union Tribune are picking the Chargers to win tonight over the Ravens. I'm not saying that it cannot happen, "any given Sunday" and all that, but those two guys are delusional to expect for it to happen.

The Chargers have not yet won a game against a team with a winning record, and only one of the teams they have won against has a winning record even now, that being Denver. The team with the best record against whom the Chargers won was the Bills, at 5-7, and that team had a 5-game losing streak at the time. The Chargers won against a record of 9-23, and those teams have a current record of 28-51.

And these writers are picking the Chargers to beat a team that not only has a record of 10-3, but has the third ranked defense in the league and the second ranked running game. I'll be happy if they do, but I am not predicting that they will.


bruce said...

What a weekend of football...

The Chargers won (ha ha mr. prognosticator)
The Texans lost to the Panthers
The Packers got packed ( I was hoping they'd go lossless..)
The Colts won a game (gasp! - sorry Bill)

s365 said...

nice topic thank you and thumb up !

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