Wednesday, December 07, 2011

I Give Up

I'm just not going to even try to make sense of it any more. San Diego State football will be in the Big East Conference, while all of its other sports will be in the Western Athletic Conference. What part of that makes any sense, other than the WAC? Splitting the sports into different conferences is pretty bizarre but, the Big East? Does anyone realize how far West SDSU is? It can go no farther without falling into the furshlugginer ocean. Well, okay, it's actually the Pacific but...


bruce said...

furshlugginer was the sound you made choking on your coffee when you read/heard that. I know geography is a problem for people nowadays, but that is ridiculous.

bartendercabbie said...

This realignment thing is geting completely out of hand. The Big East is little more now than CUSA or the WAC. IT is the scramble to get into a "BCS" conference that is to blame here I think.

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