Monday, September 08, 2008

Football Dismals

Not a great weekend to be a football fan in San Diego.

The SDSU Aztecs, 21-pt underdogs, were within one yard of putting Notre Dame two touchdowns down in the fourth quarter. Carrying the ball in one hand, the runner fumbles it into the endzone and the Aztecs fold like a cheap suit, losing 21-13.

The Chargers, favored by 9+, lose to Carolina at home in Qualcomm. Can't really point to what went wrong, although the defensive front seven certainly was less than stellar and the wide receivers were invisible in the first half. We just played a good Carolina team, and got outplayed. Not something that should have happened, with all of the talent that we are supposed to have.

And, even though we don't like the Patriots, what happened to Tom Brady was awful.

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