Sunday, March 24, 2019

Apples and Apples are Different

I’ve been waiting for any reference to Crimea since Trump made his Golan Heights announcement, and have not seen such anywhere in any media.

Israel seized the Golan Heights during the 1967 war and has occupied it continuously since. They actually did to the Golan Heights what we have been accusing Russia of doing to Crimea which, of course, Russia didn’t actually do.

But if our claims of Russian perfidy were true we would have two acts of pretty much identical nature; military invasion, ongoing occupation and annexation. Except that in the Crimean case we are crying foul, and in the Golan Heights case we are applauding.

I finally found someone else who took notice of US duplicity, but it was not media. It was someone commenting in a discussion about the Mueller report. “Golan Heights annexation officialization is suddenly big,” he noted, adding, “(Crimea is ok then?) as Pompeo fantasizes about the Third Temple.”

The media has still, apparently, not noticed the similarity.

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bruce said...

The Crimean takeover was not part of active conflict, where the Golan was. Yeah, the Israelis started it - as a preemptive strike. But I think the Russians were more wrong if both were.

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