Saturday, January 21, 2017

Okay, Maybe Second Rate

I am not among those who think that the loss of the Chargers rendered San Diego a second rate city, but maybe this little treasure does.

In the San Diego Union Tribune "Dining and Drinking" section we read that, "Westfield UTC is emerging as San Diego’s next 'It' dining destination."

Really? What kind of city adopts a shopping mall as its smart, most popular, "place to be seen" dining location? San Diego: put on your tuxedo and your designer gown and head to the shopping mall for a fine dining experience.

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bruce said...

an "It" place doesn't have to be tux and gown. That's more of an "event"...

ButI read the article, and I've been to several of those places. Great Maple is good. True Food, not so much, IMO. I went to a Din Tai Fung in Manila, and recently the new one here in the South Bay when they opened.

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