Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Nice Comeback

I don't much like either Penn State or USC, two elitist schools with snobbish student bodies, but I like good football so I watched the Rose Bowl last night, including the second half. Glad I did.

In case you missed it, USC was up six at the half, but Penn State scored three touchdowns in the first four minutes of the second half. Actually, they did it in three plays from scrimmage; a 79-yard run, a 72-yard pass, and a 3-yard run following an interception. USC tied the score with one minute remaining in the game, and then intercepted the ball and ran it back to within field goal range; kicking the winning field goal as time expired.

Interestingly, USC dropped an interception on the preceding play, and Penn State threw the exact same pass, to the same receiver, running the same route, immediately after. The defender jumped the route again and did not drop the interception a second time. That was weird. Who called that play?

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