Friday, January 13, 2017

Day of Infamy

I’m discussing with my wife that perhaps we should consider moving from San Diego, given that this city is fated to become a failing empty shell, a mere shadow of what it once was. Bridges will likely start collapsing, tall buildings falling down, and the economy deteriorating to the level of a Tiajuana suburb.

Well, that’s the projections of San Diego sports writers, who may be a bit overwrought by the announcement that the Chargers are moving to LA.

A group of fans gathered at the Chargers complex (the national media mistakenly identified it as the stadium) to discard and burn their Chargers gear and hurl insults at the owner, Dean Spanos.

In a nice little bit of irony, one such fan was breaking and tearing up several pieces of gear, cursing mightily and wearing… Wait for it… He was wearing a $250 leather jacket with a huge Chargers lightening bolt logo on the back.

Another guy was shirtless, having burned his Chargers jersey, and was screaming that Dean Spanos should perform an act physiologically impossible for human beings, but was still wearing his Chargers hat.

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bruce said...

I was going to say we're moving up in the world, now having TWO losing teams. Might as well double down, right? Competition, survival of the fittest etc. I did think that it might dilute the sports spending dollars so each team gets 1/2 of the projected LA area revenue.

But still, two losing teams? Seriously? Not really moved by all that.

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