Thursday, June 25, 2009

Misplaced Priorities

Farrah Fawcett, a beautiful and gracious person who fought a battle with cancer for 30 months with grace and courage, lost that battle today with barely a whisper in the press. I suspect there are many in the country right now who do not even know that she is gone. She fought her fight with only the degree of publicity needed to inspire others who are faced with similar difficult paths. Self pity or personal gain were never part of "Farrah's Story."

The press is too absorbed with the death of a rock star who lived his entire life as a monument to self adulation and lived his last years as a pedophile and a monster. Hour after hour of archival footage of this grotesque excuse for a human being is played as politicians and stars rush to microphones to praise his contributions to rock music, conveniently ignoring his lifelong grossly self-indulgent lifestyle and the wrecked lives of children left in the wake of his twisted passions.

Men and women are dying in Iran in the quest for freedom. Our soldiers are placing their lives on the line in Iraq and Afghanistan in defense of this nation. Great and weighty matters of long-term import to the entire nation are being debated in Washington. There is a crisis of energy and global climate change. And the media is absorbed in the death of a has-been, pedophile rock star.

Something is wrong with the priorities here.

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bruce said...

Agreed with the first paragraph, especially having experienced some of that.

I think you're a bit harsh in the 2nd paragraph. This man, whatever his flaws (and there were many) was a genuinely talented artist and was beloved by many. Yes, he was self-indulgent, but many in the performing arts are as well.

This reminds me of the deaths of Mother Teresa and (Princess) Diana... too little on the former, wayyyyy too much on the latter.

As to the third paragraph.. yeah, I agree, but what else is new with the media?

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