Monday, October 26, 2015

Well, That Was Ugly

The final score (37-29) was meaningless. After three quarters it was 37-6. The Chargers had managed a paltry two field goals and the Raiders were in a festive mood. "What the hell," they decided, "they have to score five times to even tie the game, so let's let Philip Rivers have some fun." Actually, with the two-point conversion the Chargers only needed to score four times, but it didn't matter, since they only scored three.

Philip threw for 38 completions and 327 yards, but 25 of those and 237 yards were in "garbage time," so in the first three quarters, when the Raiders cared, he completed 15 passes for 90 yards. The Raiders, meanwhile, scored each of the first seven times they had the ball, not punting until near the end of the third quarter.

McCoy said after the game that, "that was not us."  I'm sure he would like to think that, but it sure looked like "us" in the spiffy powder blue uniforms, and the players were standing on the sideline that "us" stands on during the game. Sorry, McCoy, it was "us."

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bruce said...

well, pretty soon it will be LA's problem team, not San Diego's. They'll have a new spiffy stadium to play in, and new fans and everything.

If their play still sucks, you can point to them and say " you suck". Than you can laugh...

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