Tuesday, October 20, 2015

College Football

I was thinking that the LSU Tiger pass defense really sucked, and then I realized that they were playing against a team which, while ranked #8 overall, ranks 103rd in rushing. That must mean they pass pretty good, so maybe I need to cut Les Miles' boys some slack.

Meanwhile, the announcers are talking about how Florida is successfully stopping #7, and I'm just smiling. Everybody thinks they have a handle on that guy, until they find out they don't. He would have a lot of trophies, except he never keeps one. I wonder who he will give the Heisman to.

Alabama was actually somewhat less impressive than they looked. Without the four picks they would have been in trouble. Nick Saban needs a quarterback.

And what can you say about Michigan? Probably not much, but I would like to have been a fly on the wall at Brady Hoke's house.

My sister is probably a bit giddy, what with being a Utah alum. Their record is not a fluke, though. The win over Arizona State was impressive, and they didn't seem to mind the downpour in the least.

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