Monday, April 20, 2015

Football Tidbits

So, the Eagles have signed Tim Tebow for a one-year deal. The mind sort of boggles, but considering that he will be behind Sam Bradford and Mark Sanchez, and the head coach is Chip Kelly... Who knows?

I have always liked Philip Rivers, and now he shows us that he is a man of good taste, discernment and perspicacity. He says that he does not want to sign a long term contract with the Chargers because he doesn't want to live in Los Angeles if the team moves there.

Eric Weddle is feeling "hghly disrespected" because the Chargers do not place a high priority on resigning him. Yes, he is an outstanding free safety, but he is also 30 years old, which is getting a little long in the tooth for the defensive secondary. He is finishing up what was at the time the richest contract in history ever awarded to a defensive player, and the Chargers are not interested in coming anywhere near that amount again. He expressed his displeasure by skipping voluntary workouts this week, which I rather doubt was very helpful to his cause.

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