Saturday, April 04, 2015

Clarifying The Deal

Democrats are idolizing Obama for working out a deal with Iran which prevents them from developing a nuclear weapon. That’s sort of like working out a deal with the US Air Force to prevent them from bombing Kansas City, because Iran has no more intention of building a nuclear weapon than does the USAF of bombing Kansas City.

Obama’s big problem has been to get Iran to quit denying that they have any remote desire to build a nuclear weapon and, instead, to agree not to build one. Sort of like our hoa getting me to agree not to paint my house purple with green trim.

Republicans hate the deal because they are afraid it will allow Iran to develop a nuclear weapon which, they claim, would “start a nuclear arms race in the Middle East.” No one excels at being afraid more than Republicans, of course, but they are really reaching with this one. Israel already has nuclear weapons, quite a few of them, so if Iran is, as they claim, trying to develop a nuclear weapon, then there already is a nuclear arms race ongoing in the Middle East.

Republicans don’t care much for facts, though, so in their fantasy world Israel doesn’t have nuclear weapons and if Iran is successful at building nuclear weapons that it isn't trying to build, it would start something which is actually already happening. Keep reading that repeatedly until you understand it. It will sink in eventually.

Iran, on the other hand, is delirious because we are rewarding them for agreeing not to do something that they weren’t doing in the first place. Much as I would be if someone paid me $10,000 not to beat my wife.

Welcome to the twilight zone of American politics.

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bruce said...

I'm not altogether certain that Iran had or has NO plans to build nuclear weapons. I do not have in-person knowledge, so I tend to reserve judgement on that. Could they have and lied about it? It is possible, of course.

Do I believe the Rubs and their fear mongering? No more than the Dems and theirs. A great deal of anything either side says is posturing and suit inflating.

And of course, Israel is deathly afraid of any kind of WMD used against them, rightfully so (never mind the endless suicide bombers and Hamas missiles). But they have many issues besides that, and being too hard nosed will never solve anything, or even make progress towards it.

Should we 'reward' Iran for stopping something they allegedly were not doing? One obvious alternative is simply stop regarding them as an enemy, tell them they can do whatever they want, and go on from there. That may be politically impossible, so a little saving face might be in order.

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