Saturday, July 26, 2014

Making Things Up

CBS Evening News is always good for some light entertainment. They said last night that Russia is providing heavy weapons to the Ukrainian rebels and that the equipment is “identical to the equipment used by the Ukraine army so that the rebels can claim they captured it.” Let’s think that concept through for a moment.

A third party is trying to determine where the equipment came from and is told by the rebels that, “No, Russia didn’t give these tanks to us, we captured them from the Ukraine army last week.” So the third party goes to the Ukraine army and asks, “Hey guys, are you missing any tanks?”

The minute that the Ukraine army says, “No, we aren’t missing any fucking tanks,” the jig is going to be up on that little story about where the tanks came from. Somebody is making shit up, and if it isn’t CBS News then they are incredibly gullible.

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