Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Fine Lines

From a comment at another venue, in which opinions were being offered on the situation between Israel and the Palestinians, along with commentary as to what America should do about it. As to the last, unfortunately, all too few properly opined that we should do nothing. Anyway, one commenter said to another that,

You should make a number of predictions based on your current knowledge: they will all prove wrong. Why am I certain of that? Because you are describing your own thoughts, not a situation in the actual world. Your hard headed "realism" is actually a reflection of your satisfaction with your own limited thinking.

You and Wolfowitz think alike. His predictions, too, were all wrong.

Write them down, [name omitted]. Write them down before you forget.

I was rolling on the floor. In reality, of course, he describes the nattering of pretty much the entirety of public discourse.

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bruce said...

What should America do? Like we have to solve everyone's problems, we have plenty of our own.

Have the Brits do something about it, they started the whole problem back in the 1920's. Well, the "middle east" was split between the French and the British, but that area was the Brits. The split was supposedly by the League of Nations, but the Great War victors got the spoils, so to speak. And they spoiled it, sure enough.

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