Sunday, October 07, 2012

LSU Fail

And to Florida. Could have been worse, I guess; could have been Alabama.

The defense ran out of depth on the bench, and the offense didn't help their cause by not converting on third down until the fourth quarter. I blame that more on the coach than I do the players, though. I have never considered Les Miles to be any sort of play calling genius, but that was ridiculous. I have a nine year old grand niece who could call plays better than that, and she plays soccor.

Given the quarterback, calling a rollout on second and goal was rather questionable in and of itself, but to do so and only send a single receiver that direction so that when that one receiver is tackled the end zone is empty on that side of the field... What genius called that work of art? Oh yes, the grass eater over there on the sideline.

As the announcers kept saying of Florida's offensive play calling in the second half, "make your opponent's defense think." Les Miles didn't even make his own offense think. This week may be the most angry that I have ever been at that clown, even more so than when he failed to put Jarret Lee into last season's BCS title game.

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Bartender Cabbie said...

My friend just told me he thinks "his" Tigers will lose two or three more and that LSU will begin a new coach search.

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