Monday, October 08, 2012

Chargers Fail

The Chargers are probably going to win our division by default simply because nobody, including the Chargers, wants to win it. Losing last night to an 0-4 team was a bit beyond embarrassing, especially after being in command of the game for the first 40 minutes but leading by only ten points and having second and goal at the two but scoring only a field goal.

Charger fans are wailing about the officials, apparently forgetting that the replacements are gone and these are the regular guys. The post game show analysts in San Diego harped endlessly about the call for roughing the passer that reversed an interception but, as Norv Turner properly pointed out, the officials don’t call based on intent. Not to mention that Ingraham led with his helmet and, given that fact, it doesn’t matter where he hit Brees. You can’t hit an opponent leading with your helmet, period. It was a perfectly good call.

Charger fans are also whooping it up about the “awesome performance" of Ryan Mathews who ran for 80 yards in the game. Yes, 80 yards is apparently an “awesome performance” for Charger fans now that Ladanian Tomlinson, who used to average 95 yards per game, is gone.

Ahmad Bradshaw of the Giants ran for 200 yards yesterday, and a total of seven running backs gained more than 100 yards on the day. Frank Gore gained 106 yards as part of San Francisco’s team total of more than 300 yards rushing on the day. Mathews ran for 80 yards out of the team total of 117 yards and Chargers fans are excited. Please note that five running backs outgained our entire team.

Perhaps the “awesomeness” of the performance by Mathews is that he didn’t fumble. It doesn’t take much to excite San Diego fans these days.

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