Friday, October 09, 2009

Presidential Nobel

So the man who was campaigned against in both primary and general elections as being too inexperienced in foreign policy has a Nobel Peace Prize. He was a mere “community organizer” and the least qualified of any candidate in the realm of foreign policy. He could not see Russia from his house, and had never been held prisoner by any foreign power.

Do please make note that in international polling we have gone from the 7th most admired nation to the 1st most admired, which is where we were before… Well you know when that was.

The Nobel made note of his efforts on eliminating nuclear weaponry, an effort that he has succeeded in getting Russia to join. They noted his effort at peacemaking in the middle East in his first year in office, not his last year, and recognized that the lack of progress to date was not his failure. They noted his administration's talks on the nuclear issue with Iran that have yielded small but actual results.

Republicans are going to go ballistic. They are going to bash him for accepting a foreign award. They are going to criticize the Nobel Committee for awarding the Peace Prize to the President who escalated the war in Afghanistan, and will see no irony in that.

Screw them. This nation has a President with a Nobel Peace Prize.

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