Monday, October 12, 2009

Football Wrap, 10/12

The San Diego Chargers had the week off, but LSU provided me with the barf-inducing performance of the week. Their defensive front four performed like a front two or so, and their offence had all of the punch of a bowl of Jell-O. For some reason Florida chose not to score on about five occasions that it had a chance to do so. Neither team really wanted to win this game, but LSU wanted it less than Florida did. “House of Death,” indeed; something certainly killed the game. I kept looking to see if I had inadvertently left my dvr on slow motion but, no, I was watching it live.

My niece lives in Oakland; she and her husband just bought a home there. Fortunately, they are not into football, since Oakland does not have a football team. Oakland has the Raiders.

Hate to see Denver reach 5-0, but it was maybe worth it to see Belichek and the Patriots go down.

The Chargers, currently at 2-2, face Denver here in San Diego next week on Monday night. The Charger players say they know how to correct their sorry caliber of play and will do so easily, which I doubt. If that’s the case, why didn’t they do so before going to Pittsburgh last week and humiliating themselves on national tv?

Shawne Merriman was going to restore the defense to glory with his return from injury this year and has five tackles in four games, no sacks. I make it that the Chargers are paying him something like $3.4 million per tackle, which strikes me as a little pricey.

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