Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Chris Matthews is an idiot

Chris Matthews went on and on about the revelations of CIA interrogation methods yesterday, and he was engaging in sheer blather. I know, what’s new about that?

He kept referring to the Vice President, saying things like, “This leads right to the Vice President.” No, Chris, the Vice President is Joe Biden, who has had nothing to do with interrogation of terrorists. Are you, perhaps, referring to former Vice President Dick Cheney? Of course you are.

He spent the rest of his air time blatting about how Cheney had given the interrogators a defense. “I’m a defense attorney…” His claim is that they were doing what Dick Cheney told them to do, that doing so made them innocent, and not one of his three guest pundits called him on his bullshit.

Chris, turn to page 14 of your history coloring book. It says right there that the Nuremberg Trials established that bleating about “following orders” is not a valid defense. Sheesh, and this guy is not only giving us the news, he’s commenting on it.

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