Monday, April 02, 2012

Well, That Was Embarrassing

The only way I thought that Kansas might win was if Bill Self convinced his players that this game was sufficiently important that they should actually play defense in the first half, something they have not done all year. Obviously, that did not happen. The announcers tried to create some excitement in the second half, but that was bogus; even though Kansas had finally decided to play defense, they were still hitting only 33% from the field themselves. When you donate 28 points to your opponent by missing 11 layups and 3 dunks, you are not going to win many games. These guys could not reliably hit the basket if it was four feet in diameter.

That was a gritty attempt at a comeback in the second half, but...

Update, Monday morning: They "fought to the end" is all over the sports media. Indeed, but it might have been better had they fought from the beginning. To lie supine and let the opponent run up a 16-point lead before beginning the effort to win the game is just plain stupid.

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