Wednesday, May 29, 2019

"Not Innocent"

The Mueller press conference today discards utterly the principle of “innocent until proven guilty” and, in fact, turns that principle on it’s head, declaring that his commission was unable to prove the president innocent. His view of the role of the Justice Department appears to be that it assumes guilt and investigates to determine the possibility of innocence.

His report on television boils down to, “We were unable to prove the president innocent of these crimes and, while we found plenty of evidence of his guilt, we were prevented from declaring him guilty due to some unwritten law.”

He went on to suggest that Congress could do what he was somehow prevented from doing, which is use the evidence which he could not use and find the president guilty of some crime, which he did not name, which would permit his removal from office.

This is the reverse of James Comey, who declared that while Hillary Clinton committed several illegal acts with respect to her private server, she did not do so on purpose and therefor should not be charged with any crime.

And we keep claiming to be "a nation of laws."


bruce said...

"ignorance of the law is not an excuse" apparently is not in effect here.

HRC (learned from WJC no doubt) was playing the ask forgiveness not permission, and obfustication, piousness, and victimhood to great effect. She knew exactly what she was doing.

And Trump does too. And he's not that good at it. Just has enablers on both sides of the political aisle.

bruce said...

and I think that the Mueller report thing was mishandled. By everyone. He's a prosecutor, he should be able to say if there are chargeable offenses or not. Whether or not there is a "custom" of not charging a sitting president is irrelevant.

HRC could have been charged with something, but also may have been somewhat irrelevant at the time, as she was out of the office that it happened under. Statute of limitations not withstanding..

I think too many people were expecting the Mueller Report to be this all encompassing damnation document and it wasn't (as least how M framed it).

And of course El Primo Estupido does his usual hyperbole and claims "total exoneration"... and claims the investigators are treasonous? He really likes and models after dictators. I would like him to be prosecuted for any crime they can stick to him, just to see him deflated.

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