Monday, April 08, 2019

Embracing Stupidity

Democratic members of the Senate have introduced a bill to amend the constitution, proposing to determine the election of the president by means of the national popular vote. Dianne Feinstein is among that crowd, saying that the Electoral College “does not reflect the will of the people.”

I don’t think there’s any reason to panic, because there is no chance in hell that this idiocy will ever pass in Congress, and not to mention surviving a presidential veto. There is even less chance that it would be ratified by 38 states, but that members of the Senate would submit it is cause for concern.

I might expect this kind of idiocy from members of Generation X or Millennials who have been enstupidated by attending schools which give out “participation trophies,” but that a person who has been a federal legislator for more than fifty twenty five years would say something like that represents a rather frightening level of demagoguery.

Dianne Feinstein should know that this nation is not governed by “the will of the people” nationally or directly. In all aspects of governance, as is very clearly spelled out in the constitution, this nation is governed by the will of the states, and the Electoral College very rationally represents the will of the states.

This nation is a democracy “at one remove,” since each state is governed by the will of the people, but the national popular vote is entirely meaningless and Dianne Feinstein knows that very well.


bruce said...

I suspect many others in Congress know that as well. Never mind the control over politicians that moneyed interests have.

Oh and Ms. Feinstein has not been a federal legislator for 50 years, she's been a U.S. Senator for 27. She was a local politician before that.

Jayhawk said...

I stand corrected. Her general air of senility misled me. Corrected above.

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