Saturday, February 25, 2017


Politically liberal writers say that voters should vote in the best interest of themselves; to preserve Social Security and Medicare, to cut taxes, to tax the rich, etc. We owe it to ourselves, they tell us, to obtain as much as we can for ourselves by the use of our vote.

America as a nation, these same writers tell us, should act abroad in the best interest of this nation. We should take whatever actions serve us best, declare whatever war will “keep us safe,” impose sanctions on other nations whenever their actions do not serve our purpose, etc. Because our only concern in the implementation of foreign policy should be serving the interests of our own nation.

But when a business acts in its own interest, they regard that as evil.

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bruce said...

One of the problems of the above is that makes us a conglomeration of persons and states, rather than "united". Plus, that also makes us look like we're back in 19th century, playing "Manifest Destiny"

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