Friday, May 01, 2015

Trading Philip Rivers

Nick Canepa says that the Chargers draft "blew in cooler heads,"  whatever that means, and goes on to blather about the dodged bullet of the rumor that the Chargers might trade Rivers to Tennessee for a #2 draft pick which "would have been a mistake of enormous magnitude."  The "cooler heads"  bit presumably refers to the fact the Chargers drafted a running back, which everyone with an IQ higher than room temperature fully expected them to do.

Trading Rivers to Tennessee in order to draft a new quarterback is something that never even crossed the mind of the Chargers management. It was a rumor started by sports writers, probably Nick Canepa himself, so that sports writers would have something to talk about with respect to the upcoming draft. Chargers management never said anything about Philip Rivers until some sports writer asked them if they were going to trade him, at which point they not only said "No,"  they said, "Oh hell no."  That did not stop sports writers from speculating that Chargers management might be lying and that Philip Rivers might be traded to Tennessee in order for the Chargers to draft a new quarterback.

Which is pretty much the way political reporting is done these days, too. Rumors are not started because they have any basis in fact or logic, they are started so that reporters and political pundits will have something to talk about. Thus we have all this uproar about contributions to the Clinton Foundation, all of which has about as much meaning as the rumors of Philip Rivers shopping for real estate in Memphis.

Update, Friday night: oops, make that Nashville.

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