Thursday, December 25, 2014

The Interview

Is this the silliest news furor ever in this nation, or what? A grade B, unfunny, sophomoric “comedy” slated for limited release in minor theaters, which winds up with the president of the United States complaining that the studio did not consult with him before they cancelled its release, and then says he is pleased that the release is being restored so that “the American people can make their own choices.”

So, one week Obama is engaging in statesmanship of the magnitude of restoring diplomacy with Cuba after decades of useless embargo, and the next week he is engaged with the release of a stupid movie aimed at a fifteen-year-old audience. Is this guy serious?

And now, evoking memories of Bush administration claims of WMDs in Iraq, CBS Evening News tells us that a professional computer security company, more than one actually, has refuted Obama’s assertion that North Korea is the certain culprit for the Sony hack, and suggests that it may have been done by a disgruntled former employee, reporting that the first hack was an attempt to extort money. Awesome.


bruce said...

Welcome back, I hope you're doing okay...

I haven't watched it and don't really plan to. I thought it was chickenshit of Sony to shelve it, and Obama needn't be involved in a business decision, even if it did involve corporate espionage /burglary. Classic knee jerk reactions from all concerned.

Bartender Cabbie said...

Glad you are back!! Stay well.

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