Friday, October 06, 2006

Ethics in Government? Nah.

A Greek philosopher named Diogenes is said to have once wandered through the streets of Athens with a lantern in daylight, searching for an honest man.

That pursuit would certainly have been fruitless in Washington, D.C. That is a city devoid of any trace of honesty or ethics.

Starting with the nation’s highest office, our president would not recognize the truth if he was a monkey and truth was bannanas. He would starve trying to eat picket fences. Keith Olbermann delivered a 'Special Comment' in his Thursday evening broadcast on the subject, well worth the time to listen.

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Bypassing the next in line (Cheney seems to be sort of hiding in the weeds at the moment), the Speaker of the House apologised for the “Foley issue” by saying that he is "deeply sorry this has happened." Some apology.

And I’m deeply sorry that a comet hit Jupiter last year and disturbed its atmosphere. It was a long way away, I had nothing to do with causing it, it didn't really affect me, and I'm not even entirely sure when it happened (was it last year, or the year before), but I'm deeply sorry that it happened.

After saying that he took “full responsibility, ” he goes on to blame everybody but himself. "Could we have handled it better?” He asked, “Could the page board have handled it better? In retrospect, probably yes." Does that sound like taking full responsibility to you? Please note that I take full responsibility for the comet that hit Jupiter, too.

So who is going to investigate whether or not the Foley business was covered up by the GOP? The House Ethics Committee. Is that good, or what? That’s about as effective as having the investigation done by the Asheville, NC Grade School Glee Club.

How many members of Congress have been tried in the courts and found quilty of fraud, campaign law violations, graft, bribery and, in one case, actually thrown in jail? Well, the House Ethics Committee is unaware that any member has ever done anything wrong. Maybe we can have them investigate the comet that hit Jupiter.

But the best part is that they are promising speedy action with the phrase that it will take “weeks not months.” The elections are four weeks away, so if the investigation takes five weeks it will be published after the election and still be “weeks not months” as promised. But it will still have been stalled until after the election.

The really sad part is that the American people know that we are being lied to, and we don’t seem to care.

In Hungary a politician was caught on tape admitting that those in government had lied in order to be re-elected, and when that tape was made public there was massive rioting. The people of Hungary care about government, and they were angry that those they had elected would lie to them to “stay in power.” They took action, massive action in an effort to throw out those who had betrayed their trust.

In America we just re-elect the liars.

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